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[ client: Czech Center New York︎ ]

[ type: Identity ︎ Environmental Graphics ︎ Promotional Material ]

[ video: Czech Center New York︎ ]

[ selected press: Forbes︎ ︎ Dazed︎ ︎ Ravelin Magazine︎ ]

[ year: 2018 ]

A group of internationally recognized curators came together in one show, where they each selected one artist to exhibit.

The aim was to distinguish and connect the curators and the artists. I created a fluid, color-coded logo—The black color; more neutral; represents the curators, and the red color; more audacious; represents the artists. The line creates the connection between the curator and their selected artist.

“With an invited group of internationally recognized curators, this show examines the transformation of identity and self against the background of post 1918 political and social change reflected in the shift initiated by the First Republic. As a means of emphasizing the greater range of agency that emerged as a result of the First Republic and the democratic ideals ushered in by Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk, this exhibition has invited group of internationally recognized curators to act in the capacity of a republic or democracy of curators to shape a show that emphasizes a collective and diverse set of voices that mirrors a democratic vision centered around the theme of creating and celebrating new identities.”

— Thomas Beachdel

Mira Pipova
New York / Prague

All works © Pipova / 2020  

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