Young American by Marie Tomanova

[ client: Marie Tomanova︎︎ Paradigm Publishing︎ ]

[ type: Book Design ]

[ editors: Thomas Beachdel ︎ Marie Tomanova ]
[ editorial supervision: Theophilos Constantinou ︎ Christopher van Auken / Paradigm Publishing︎ ]
[ finalization of print data: Radek Typovsky / Studio Marvil︎ ]

[ purchase book: Paradigm Publishing︎ ]

[ selected press: Collector Daily︎ ︎ iD Magazine / Vice︎ ︎ Artnet︎, etc.]

[ collections: MoMA︎ ]

[ ISBN: 978-1-7322746-9-3 ]

[ year: 2019 ]

The aim for the design of the book Young American for Czech born NYC based photographer Marie Tomanova was to keep the graphic design silent and let the photography speak.

The first several pages of the book are academic text-heavy. It was crucial that the typography is legible, inviting, and easy to navigate. After trying several different typefaces from various designers, we agreed on going back to the basics and chosen the ultimate classic—Helvetica.  

“Young American does not directly problematize what it means to be an American today, but celebrates the freedom and identity of the idea of an “America” still rife with dreams and possibilities, hope and freedom. Her images, direct and without artifice, confront us with the power and beauty of people simply being, the young...just being. And in this just being is the essence of unity, love, and acceptance. 

[ text by: Thomas Beachdel ]

Mira Pipova
New York / Prague

All works © Pipova / 2020  

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