In Love with Contemporary Czech Photography

[ client: Czech Center New York︎ ]

[ type: Environmental Graphics ︎ Promotional Material ]

[ curator: Michal Nanoru︎ ]

[ selected press: Czech Television︎ ]

[ year: 2019 ]

Creating design for the exhibit Tender In Love with Contemporary Czech Photography I closely worked with the curator and art director Michal Nanoru. 

This exhibition presents a deliberately wide range of photographic strategies – from snapshot-like images that have appeared in the context of fashion editorials to post-conceptual works by artists skeptical of the very photographic medium – all by the way of talking about tenderness or the need for it (as well as some other meanings of the word “tender,” that often seem to be in contradiction). It charts intense personal relationships, be they romantic, familial or fictional, and some serious cases of biophilia. It registers vulnerabilities of people and their environments – the bruises on the fruit.

[ Text by: Michal Nanoru ]

Mira Pipova
New York / Prague

All works © Pipova / 2020  

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