Reflect What You Are

[ client: Czech Center New York︎ ]

[ type: Environmental Graphics ︎ Promotional Material ]

[ part of the projet New Bohemia ]

[ curators: Marie Dvorakova︎ ︎ Barbora Bartunkova ︎ Tomas Beachdel ]

[ selected press:    ]

[ year: 2019 ]
When design for Reflect What You Are exhibition I read a qoute by Saul Bass: “Sometimes when an idea flashes, you distrust it because it seems too easy... But often this turns out to be the best idea of all.” ...and that’s exactly what I did, I took first idea and went with it. 

The design has two levels of reflection. One in the repeting “e” and second the refection of the name of the exhibit itself.  

At a point in time when being visible and having a voice is paramount, these artists’ work asserts strongly who they are and what they stand for, particularly in terms of gender, identity, notions of self, or belonging.

This assertion of self through the process of creation and expression is a courageous affirmation of being that reverberates throughout communities and creates both identification and change. It challenges intolerance.

[text: CCNY]

Mira Pipova
New York / Prague

All works © Pipova / 2020  

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